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Do as they do, transform your products into a superior communication and sales channel.

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New Technology, New Opportunities

collectID uses blockchain, NFC and NFT technology to ensure each product has its digital ID and uniqueness.

Protect your Brand and Product

Protect the brand and your products from the counterfeit market and extend the life of your products in the secondary and tertiary markets.

Storytelling via one Tab with the Smartphone

With our technology, the story can be told directly through the product and provide unique information and experiences to its product owners.

Increase Value of your Products

Adding a digital twin to a physical product increases the value and new opportunities for the brands and their customers, such as a unique loyalty program and much more.

Bundle of Rights for your Customers

By unlocking their NFT, the end customer gets a bundle of bonus features, such as a meet & greet with his idol, long-life membership, presale rights, the possibilities are unlimited.

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Easily accessible technology

Our customers, their fans and end-users don’t need to know much about Web3.0 and NFT, we will provide an easy immersion into the phygital world.

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Let’s bring together your products to the digital dimension

The start of the partnership with collectID was perfect. The SONRA “Prickly Pear” was sold out within minutes and I was able to offer my community a unique experience. It definitely whets my appetite for more and I look forward to implementing the collectID technology for all SONRA sneakers.

Hikmet Sugoer

Founder, Sonra

More than a smart jersey, we like to call it a living jersey because the collectID technology allows us to always add new features, content, and coupons in the special area, so the jersey that fans started to receive in 2021 will be a different jersey that they will have in 2022″.

Felipe Ribbe

Former Head Of Innovation, Atletico Mineiro

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