3 Revolutionary Reasons Why ELLYHA is Changing Swiss Fashion

on March 9, 2023
Founder, Elissa Lefoll, at ELLYHA’s temporary showroom in Geneva in November 2022

This past year, the collectID team worked with the innovative Swiss fashion brand, ELLYHA, to integrate our cutting-edge NFC tags into their first exclusive drop. This decision was a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating an impactful movement that seamlessly combines physical and digital experiences. 

Keep reading to find out why ELLYHA’s founder, Elissa Lefoll, decided to partner with collectID and how our technology has provided a competitive advantage to the ELLYHA brand. We are honored to have played a part in their journey toward revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Revolutionizing Swiss Fashion: ELLYHA’s Impact on the Industry

ELLYHA’s commitment to bridging the gap between digital and physical experiences has revolutionized the Swiss fashion industry. Their dedication to infusing a playful twist into timeless workwear staples through minimalist sharp lines, repurposed fabrics, understated crafted pieces, and collective spaces for women beyond work has established them as a revolutionary swiss fashion brand. By partnering with collectID, ELLYHA has seamlessly combined technology and fashion, making phygital garments the future of the fashion and luxury industries.

“I believe phygital garments are the future of the fashion and luxury industries. When you own a phygital product, you also own its digital twin embodied in an NFT, which grants you access to extensive information about your product (composition, sourcing, serial number etc.) and a unique customer experience as the exclusive owner of a piece.”

Elissa lefoll, ellyha founder

Growing Fast: ELLYHA’s Journey to Success

Although ELLYHA is an independent brand, it has experienced tremendous growth since its launch in 2021. Their limited-edition collections have created exclusivity, authenticity, and ownership matters, making them highly sought after. The unique serial number assigned to each piece, along with their partnership with collectID, has set them apart from other brands, enhancing their brand identity on the blockchain.

“Our customers are very excited to discover which piece they own out of the produced serialized number. Their overall feedback is very positive and they are curious to further discover the perks of owning a phygital product,” Lefoll shared. 

Building ELLYHA’s Image: Technology as a Competitive Advantage

ELLYHA’s decision to partner with collectID has provided a competitive advantage by enhancing the uniqueness and scarcity of their products. The seamless interaction between physical and digital has provided a unique customer experience and empowered consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions. collectID’s technology has helped ELLYHA revolutionize the fashion industry, and provide a unique customer experience.

“I have a lot of pleasure collaborating with collectID – the team is very supportive, reliable, and available. We work hand in hand in a quest to disrupt the fashion industry and provide innovative experiences to customers,” said Lefoll.

The Digital Twin of ELLYHA’s “High-Neck Blazer,” via the collectID app

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