5 Ways ESTAC Troyes Leveled up their Fan Engagement This Season

on January 25, 2023

As the French national team just competed in their second World Cup Championship in a row, there is no doubt France is one of the best football countries. The deep-rooted history and ongoing success of the French national team have driven the popularity of football in France to new heights, making the sport an integral part of French culture. With large fan bases at clubs all around the country, creating a strategy to engage and maintain these fans is essential to scoring goals on and off the pitch.

This season, French football club ES Troyes AC, forged a new path for fan engagement in France’s primary football competition, Ligue 1. As a partnership that began in the 2021-2022 football season, ESTAC Troyes continued their partnership with collectID in the 2022-2023 football season to drive fan engagement.

ESTAC Troyes’ Match-worn Phygital Jerseys

In the 2021-2022 season, ESTAC Troyes began their partnership with collectID to embed encrypted NFC technology into 15 game-worn jerseys from their match against Paris Saint-Germain in May of 2022. The jerseys were auctioned off online to raise money for UNICEF in support of child victims of the war in Ukraine. ESTAC raised over 32,000 euros, 27,490 of which came from the jerseys. 

Users who tapped their jersey with a smartphone unlocked a digital twin to their jersey, receiving a unique NFT and exclusive experience. The digital ID ensured proof of authenticity of the match-worn jersey and also unlocked an exclusive video message from the player that wore the jersey.

ESTAC TROYES Rominigue Kouamé
Rominigue Kouamé pushes off Ángel Di María while dribbling ball down the field with goal in background

The success of the auction and the addition of a new communication channel for Troyes football ensured a promising partnership with us moving forward.

ESTAC Troyes’ New Collection of Phygital Jerseys 

By observing the endless ways to interact with and add value to their jerseys from their previous season, ESTAC Troyes decided to continue to offer phygital merchandise in the 2022-2023 season. Rather than an exclusive collection of game-worn jerseys, the football club equipped all their 22-23 season jerseys with collectID technology. In addition to the home, away, and goalkeeper jerseys, ESTAC launched a third jersey in honor of the home city of Troyes.

ESTAC Troyes third blue jersey with buildings and trees in the background
ESTAC Troyes third blue jersey

Similar to the game-worn jerseys from the previous season, owners unlock a unique digital ID to their season jersey by tapping it with a smartphone. Meanwhile, ESTAC Troyes receives detailed data and insights into their fanbase.

When fans register their jersey, they gain access to the following bonus features:

  • Proof of the jersey’s authenticity
  • Access to weekly exclusive wallpapers of the league matches
  • The ability to participate in more giveaways in the future
  • A chance to win a photo with the whole team, which was earlier this season
  • A “making-of” video for owners of the third jersey

These features only scratch the surface of the various ways ESTAC Troyes is now able to communicate with their fans through the jersey. Fans can also receive access to special promotions, video highlights from the team’s last match, and other exclusive content. As the club, ESTAC Troyes benefits as well.

Benefits of Phygital Jersey for ESTAC Troyes

  • A dynamic communication channel to interact with and engage fans
  • A sales channel to extend fans’ shopping experience
  • Data that gives them a better understanding of their fan base 
  • Protection from the counterfeit market through authentication feature
  • Added value to their jerseys that drive sales

With the addition of collectID technology, ESTAC’s jerseys become more than just a physical item. They also serve as a powerful tool for the club to communicate and cater to their most dedicated fans, and for fans to receive exclusive benefits and information that only their jersey can offer.

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