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Over the years, we’ve grown into a team built of optimistic, dedicated, and passionate individuals who seek new challenges, opportunities, and look forward to realizing new projects. We all share the same aspiration to collectively shape the phygital world.

Get to know our team

collectID Team

David Geisser collectid

CEO & Founder

Sergio Muster collectiD

Co-Founder & CHRO

Sergio Muster

Łukasz Buławski collectiD

Chief Product Officer

Łukasz Buławski

Jeremy Smith collectID

Co-Founder & Lead Blockchain Engineer

Jeremy Smith

Chief Commercial Officer

Christian Hellenthal

Managing Director vinID

Sebastian Schier

Lucas Geisser collectID

Senior Business Development Manager

Lucas Geisser

Senior Business Development Manager

Rodrigo Garza

Head of Business Development for North America

Timothy Carter

Sales Director for North America

Easley Edmunds

Performance Marketing Manager

Oleksandr Moccogni Turcin

Pascal Mouret collectID
Lead Backend Engineer

Pascal Mouret

Pascal Mouret collectID

Full Stack Developer

Ufuk Arikan

Pascal Mouret collectID

Full Stack Developer

Backend Developer

Andrey Kiryushkin

Volodymyr Kosterin collectiD
Lead iOS Engineer

Volodymyr Kosterin

Andriy Adermah collectID
Lead Android Engineer

Andriy Adermah

Vasylyna Bes collectID
Lead UX/UI Designer

Vasylyna Bes

Lukas Paschka collectID
Business Development Manager

Lukas Paschka

Catarina Ramos collectID
Business Development Manager

Catarina Ramos

Business Development Manager

Joel Krummenacher

Klusia collectiD
Chief Cuteness Officer


Members of the Board


Reinhard Stary

Member of the Board

Andrea Cordas

Member of the Board

Christian Stambach

David Geisser collectid

Co-Founder & Member of the Board

David Geisser

Co-Founder & Secretary of the Board

Dominik Fricker

Advisory Board

U.S. Sports”

Wayne Kimmel

U.S. Sports”

Chad Stender

Catherine Carlson
Strategic Advisor “U.S. Sports”

Catherine Carlson

Strategic Advisor “Sport”

Hadrien Perazzini

Florian Kohler

Beni Huggel

Watches, ex Audemars Piguet”

Philippe Merk


Jan Martel

Serial Entrepreneur

Bettina Hein

Strategic Advisor

Prof. Dr. Falk Übernikel

Technology Advisor

Jürg Stuker

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