collectID Camp 2022

on October 20, 2022

Usually, we only look back to learn from mistakes and go into the future stronger.
This review, however, reveals good memories of our collectID Camp 2022. For the first time since our founding, almost all of us (shout out to Ufuk, who was sick 🤒 ) were able to work and have fun together for a whole week. From Monday to Tuesday, we were at our headquarters in Zurich, and these days were packed with workshops, catered meals, and the famous table tennis sessions. On Wednesday, we went to Austria. In addition to many conversations, a great hike, and a learning-rich wine degustation from vinID, we discussed our technology, how we can develop it further, how we can shape our sales pitch, and last but not least, our mission and vision.

Together and with the same understanding, we go stronger into the future and develop the next big thing.

Unfortunately, our team members, Vova and Andriy, could not attend the camp because they are not allowed to leave Ukraine at the moment. We send them a lot of strength this way!

collectID Team 2022
Catarina shows our people from abroad the beautiful city of Zurich
A Fondue and Raclette meal could not be missing of course
Our Co-Founder & CEO David Geisser tells the story of collectID
Our Chief Product Officer Łukasz gives insights into our product development
Lukas talks about one of our success stories
Oleks tries to make the team understand the logic of Performance Marketing 😉
Sebastian from vinID gets us ready for wine tasting
It does not go long, where are our people are happy, especially Tim 😜
Team picture after the Hike

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