collectID enables a direct communication channel and unique experiences

on July 8, 2021
collectID enables a direct communication channel and unique experiences

Oliver Bickel from Ochsner Hockey talks about how brands and customers benefit from the collectID solution.

What is the importance of digitalization at Ochsner Hockey and for you? How has this importance developed in recent years (especially during the COVID 19 situation)?

Oliver Bickel: This extraordinary situation has shown us that we need to invest even more in our webshop to push ahead with digitization. Ultimately, we did this, but we can certainly do more in this area.
In addition, like many companies, we were also faced with the challenge of how to deal with the omnipresent topic of the home office, i.e., which tools do we introduce, how can we promote the corporate culture during this time, etc.? The COVID-19 situation has certainly accelerated many processes, and we are very optimistic about the future.

What potential do you see in the collectID technology solution?

OB: For us, this technology is fascinating and forward-looking. Especially for special collections like the “ZSC Retro anniversary jersey”, proving the uniqueness of the products is central for us and a value proposition to our customers. The technology solution from collectID helps us keep this promise. Further, the collectID app is also very intuitive and user-friendly. With just one scan, information about the product is displayed on the smartphone in a matter of seconds.

How was the cooperation on the “ZSC Retro Anniversary Jersey” between Ochsner Hockey and collectID?

OB: The cooperation was sensational. The collectID team was always on hand, constructive, and we learned a lot from them about NFC, blockchain, and NFT.

How time-consuming was the implementation of the collectID technology in the ZSC Retro anniversary jersey?

OB: There were only a few people involved from our side. The process went in an instant: collectID supplied us with the NFC chips, we implemented them in the jerseys, that’s it.

What added values does collectID offer your customers?

OB: Thanks to collectID, we have a direct communication channel through the product with our customers. In addition, we can offer them unique experiences, such as ticket raffles, meet & greet with players, etc., which are easily accessible through the collectID app.
These two added values: direct communication channel to customers and easily accessible customer experiences will be even more critical for us in the future. That’s why we want to address these two added values even more intensively in our joint projects.

We are looking forward to working with collectID in the future.
Oliver Bickel, Project Manager at Ochsner Hockey

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