collectID enables authentication and customer engagement for Sneakerness.Market

on February 14, 2021

Interview with Sergio Muster, the mastermind behind Europe’s largest sneaker and lifestyle convention Sneakerness.

Sergio is co-founder of collectID and the mastermind behind Sneakerness – Europe’s largest and most important sneaker and lifestyle convention. We asked him a few questions about the launch of Sneakerness.Market:

What is Sneakerness.Market?

Sneakerness.Market is an e-commerce platform to buy and sell limited-edition sneakers. We host an exclusive network with the best resellers from all over Europe who sell the most sought-after sneakers. Buyers can purchase rare and long-sold-out sneakers. Before the sneakers change hands, we check the authenticity and quality at our SneakernessHQ. Customers receive their beloved products only after successful authentication.

Where does collectID come into play?

collectID is an essential part of our authentication and quality process. Moreover, it helps us communicate with our end customers and bring the Sneakerness spirit into the digital world.

How does collectID add value for Sneakerness.Market?

With collectID, we can guarantee the sneakers’ authenticity at any time. collectID provides a hangtag attached to the Sneaker, including an encrypted NFC tag. This NFC is connected to an NFT token on the Blockchain representing the Sneaker’s digital twin.
Buyers simply tap the NFC tag with their smartphone to check the authenticity and unlock additional content and experiences. Additionally, buyers can register the Sneaker, which opens up a direct communication channel for Sneakerness. We can send personalized push notifications to our customers based on their products and offer them unique experiences and engagement opportunities. Examples are raffles, discount vouchers, etc. Last but not least, the permanent authentication allows customers to resell their sneakers in the future without having to authenticate them again.

How complex is the collectID process?

Writing the NFC tag and attaching it takes not more than 1 minute.
The initial integration was very simple. We use the collectID ecosystem and could easily customize the Sneakerness section within the collectID app. This allows us to start very quickly and to provide our community with nice benefits from day one. Stay tuned!

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About Sergio

Sergio holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Fribourg. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sneakerness. Today, Sneakerness is Europe’s largest sneaker convention with events in Paris, Berlin, Zürich, Moscow, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Köln and Johannesburg. In 2017, the events attracted around 50’000 sneaker aficionados and more than 650 resellers.
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