collectID Featured in Top 10 of the Most Listened Sportsmaniac Podcasts of 2022

on December 28, 2022
Sportsmaniac Podcasts

In April of this year, David Geisser, co-founder and CEO of collectID, spoke on the Sports Maniac Podcast to speak about the financial and sustainable benefits for clubs and outfitters of moving their physical merchandise into the digital world with Christoph Rohmer, Head of Marketing & Sponsorship at JAKO. Eight months later, Sports Maniac reveals this podcast, “#355: Digital Merchandising – Jerseys Coming to the Metaverse?” is among their top 10 most listened podcasts of 2022.

Intro to Sports Maniac Podcast

The Bundesliga’s merchandising revenues are stagnating. It’s a good time for jerseys and the like to meet their virtual twin in the digital world. Future use cases in sponsoring, marketing, ticketing, and sales seem limitless. Fans will also benefit, as they may soon be able to wear their jerseys in the metaverse with the help of NFTs and blockchain. But is digital merchandising the key to completely new revenue streams for sports organizations?

A conversation from two perspectives. collectID as a technology expert on the one hand, JAKO as a sporting goods manufacturer on the other. In between, a sustainable added value for the entire sport is created. The promise of success is: digital merchandising is a unique communication and sales channel. More on this in the interview.

“For example, I buy a jersey, scan it and unlock the digital, the NFT of the jersey. That then allows me to reuse the jersey in a video game like FIFA.”

– David on the vision of digital merchandising

About Sports Maniac 

The Sports Maniac Podcast, hosted by Daniel Sprügel, is a weekly podcast where Daniel gets to the bottom of the latest digital trends, technologies, and innovations, and interviews experts on the most important future topics in sports. With over 500,000 downloads, Sports Maniac is the largest German-language sports business podcast and was named “Bestseller – of all time” by Apple Podcasts in the marketing category in 2019. 

About Tessa

Tessa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. During her time at Gonzaga, Tessa focused her studies in Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Innovation while also working a yearlong marketing internship at a tech company. Her B2B marketing background and passion for sports and fashion make Tessa a valuable asset to the team.
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