collectID – FAQ

What does collectID do?
collectID is a product authentication ecosystem allowing users to easily authenticate and trade products by simply tapping their smartphone on the item. By combining blockchain technology and NFC hardware, collectID fights the problem of counterfeiting. Thus, collectID reinforces consumer confidence in brands and retailers while simultaneously creating a new, secure resale market

How can I access the collectID ecosystem and its features?
Download our collectID app from App Store or Google Play and create a personal profile

In what products can I find the collectID NFC tags?
At the moment, the collectID NFC tags can be found on selected sneaker brands, high-end watches, and sports merchandise

Does collectID work worldwide?
Yes! Only an internet connection is required for full functionality


What is blockchain and how does it work?
A blockchain is a data structure that is designed to maintain a digital ledger of transactions. The software that manages a blockchain works by distributing copies of this ledger to every computer running the software, creating a decentralized network of machines that all hold the same exact transaction history. When an entry is added to the ledger on one machine, every other machine participating in the network must update their ledger to match the changes. It can be thought of, more familiarly, as an extra secure database with the added benefits of transparency and decentralization. This is how we store the details of your portfolio so that, by virtue of some clever cryptography, only you have the credentials to transfer the ownership of your collectibles. Blockchain technology ensures that the collectID product ecosystem is as secure as technically possible

What happens with my data when I delete my collectID account?
Your user account and all associated data will be deleted from our database. The blockchain wallet will persist, but all connections between the wallet and your user account will be deleted. The products in your portfolio will be deleted from our database

What does NFC stand for and how does it work?
NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a technology that enables a wireless connection between battery-free, passive tags with a reading device such as a smartphone

Which smartphones work with NFC?
iOS: iPhone 7 or newer versions

Android: all the latest Android smartphones can scan NFC tags. See Android Compatibility Document for more information about older models

Where else is NFC-technology normally used?
NFC technology is already being used intensively in areas such as payment transactions e.g. NFC tags enable contactless payments with credit and debit cards

What information is stored on the collectID NFC tags?
The collectID NFC tags contain an encrypted URL (web address) and a unique NFC-ID. The collectID NFC tags do not contain any other data. The tags have no access to the data stored on the reading device (smartphone)

Is customer-specific data stored on the collectID NFC tags?
No customer data is stored on the tags! The passive collectID NFC tags contain only an encrypted URL (web address) and a unique NFC-ID to identify the product

Can I be located through the collectID NFC tags?

Can the collectID NFC tags be removed?
The collectID NFC tags cannot be removed without being destroyed. This is an important security feature of the collectID NFC tags

Can the collectID NFC tags be washed?
Yes! The tags are sewn into the products and can be washed up to 60 °C without having to be removed. The care information provided for the product should be observed

Can I take products with collectID NFC tags through a security check e.g. at the airport?
Yes! There are no known restrictions


How to create a product?
Start building your personal collection! Watch the following video to learn more

How can I transfer a product to another user?
Open the collectID app and click on the product in your collection that you would like to transfer. Press “transfer product” and follow the instructions on the screen

Are there different authentication levels?
Yes, there are three different authentication levels depending on the authenticating party. See our Level of Authentication Chart for a complete overview

How and where can I upgrade my authentication level?
To upgrade your authentication level please visit one of our trusted partners or come to our booth at selected Sneakerness events

The field displaying the authenticator is not shown. What does that mean?
When the field displaying the authenticator is hidden, it is an indication that the products equipped with the collectID NFC tags are non-authenticated. Please be aware that when buying these products, you trust the seller’s expertise and integrity. For a complete overview of the different levels of authentication, see our Level of Authentication Chart

Do I need to pay any additional service charges when I use the collectID ecosystem/app and its features?
No! There are no extra or hidden charges for using the technology or the collectID app

Are there any differences between the iOS and Android apps?
You might encounter subtle differences between the apps, but the displayed content and offered services are identical for both iOS and Android


I did not receive a verification email. What should I do?
Please check if the verification email titled “verify your email” has landed in your spam folder. If you did not receive a verification email, please contact our customer support at

I have a new smartphone. How can I get access to my collectID portfolio?
Install the collectID app on the new smartphone and login to your collectID account to recover your blockchain wallet. In order to complete the recovery, you will need to put in your 12-word recovery phrase that was given to you during the initial account creation

I forgot my 12-word recovery phrase. What should I do?
Please contact our customer support at

What should I do if the collectID NFC tag is broken?
In case the embedded collectID NFC tag is broken, please contact our customer support at