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BSC Young Boys
Bernese football club BSC Young Boys equipped its 2022 special jerseys with our technology to promote peace and equality and fight discrimination. The jerseys worn in the game against FC Zurich were then auctioned off as special jerseys to raise money for Ukrainian refugees.




Create a unique fan experience 


BSC Young Boys

As a team striving to support their fans and communities, BSC Young Boys did a special edition jersey to send a strong message about peace, openness, and discrimination. 2,000 fan jerseys and all game-worn jerseys against FC Zurich on 20.03.2022 were equipped with collectID technology. The goal was to auction the game-worn jerseys then and raise money to finance hot meals, hygiene items, medicine, and emergency accommodation for Ukrainian refugees in cooperation with the Swiss Solidarity organization. The jerseys embedded with the collectID NFC tags allowed auction buyers to know for sure those were the exact jerseys worn at the game and to use those as a forever memory of that game.

Each jersey could be scanned with a smartphone and used as digital storage for all game memories, such as pictures, videos, events, etc. For the fans, this was a whole new and improved post-game experience as it also gave them access to the digital version of their jersey that can then be used in the Metaverse.

This built up the emotional connection between BSC Young Boys and their communities and increased engagement with the fans who purchased the normal and game-worn jerseys. As a possible prize, all owners of this special 2022 jersey could win a VIP lounge at a match of their choice. On top of that, BSC Young Boys gained a direct communication channel with those fans and access to their first-party data for future events and marketing purposes. 



Create a unique community experience

Benefits for fans:

  • Access to the digital version of their jersey.
  • Forever stored memories on the actual jersey, all accessible through a simple smartphone scan.
  • Guarantee that the game-worn jerseys are official and authentic.

Benefits for BSC Young Boys:

  • Access to first-party data of the new jersey-owners.
  • Increased engagement with the fans and community.
  • Access to a new marketing channel and way of communication with new jersey-owners.