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European Handball Federation (EHF) collaborated with collectID to make the 2022 EHF Final 4 event the most memorable date. Multiple products such as t-shirts and polos were equipped to carry the magic of the live event and have that last a lifetime.




Reliving the moment through a product


EHF (European Handball Federation)

As technology increasingly infiltrates the sports industry, EHF took the chance to hop on the ‘digital world train’ and take a step towards innovative products. For the 2022 Final 4 event, they produced three different products (t-shirts and polos), equipped them all with the collectID technology, and they were then distributed and sold exclusively at the event.

Some of the products were sold with a price increase of about 10€, which resulted in direct additional revenue for EHF, while other products were used as a gift to VIP members and key people at the event. All embedded products gave their new owners access to exclusive content from the EHF event in general and near-live updates from the games. These near-live updates included unique behind-the-scenes images, videos, and information like the teams’ arrival or game highlights, including goals and memorable plays from the teams. This brought a whole new dynamic to the event as people who owned those products could access highlight material on what was happening in the event.

The collectID technology embedded in the products allowed EHF to increase fan engagement and interact more with its community. They could feel they were part of EHF and that the event was curated for them. On top of that, the t-shirts and polos with the collectID tags served as a forever memory of that event that is not only the actual product but also, most importantly, the combination of highlights of the event that are stored on the product for a lifetime. In ten years, the community will still be able to scan the t-shirt or polo with their smartphone and relive all the memories of that day and event they attended live.



Create a unique community experience

Benefits for fans:

  • Access to exclusive content during the event through highlights and behind-the-scenes information.
  • Possibility to relive the memories and moments of those games and the event for a lifetime through a simple smartphone scan.
  • Access to the digital version of their t-shirt/polo as storage of that NFT.

Benefits for EHF:

  • Able to increase the price of the event merchandise and generate additional revenue from those products.
  • Increase the engagement of the community during the event.
  • Production of an innovative and technological product sets EHF apart from other Federations as a pioneer in the industry.