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ESTAC Troyes
ESTAC Troyes equipped its game-worn jerseys with collectID technology and put them up for auction to gather funds for a charitable cause. By combining creativity and audacity, ESTAC sold 15 game-worn jerseys that included the collectID technology and offered fans a unique experience.




Tying a Unique and Exclusive Experience to Game-worn Jerseys


Estac Troyes

ESTAC Troyes wanted to commemorate the game against PSG on May 8th, 2022, and make it special, so they decided to auction the game-worn jerseys from the ESTAC team.

Those game-worn jerseys were previously equipped with the collectiD technology and we’re not just like another jersey, they opened the doors to a whole world of experiences tied to that specific jersey.

Each jersey gave its buyer a unique experience with the ESTAC team, such as, for example, a match against the team with their friends or the opportunity to watch a game from a jacuzzi inside the stadium. On top of that, each jersey gave its buyer access to player-specific content, a video message from that player to the buyer, and, besides being physically signed by the player, a digital signature from the player that will last for a lifetime of pride and admiration by their fans.

These digital signatures were available to their jersey-buyers as NFTs tied to the ownership of the jersey and the digital jersey that could be used in virtual events in the Metaverse. The auction event was a huge success for the ESTAC Troyes team with over 350 attendees, with jerseys being bought by as high as 3.000 EUR and raising in total close to 30.000 EUR that was then donated to UNICEF and the children of the war in Ukraine.

This event caught the attention of the media in France and was featured and mentioned in multiple media outlets all over. based on goals scored or on the fan’s location (stadium vs. home). Fans can also wear their jersey in the Metaverse and attend virtual events and games with it, so the jersey serves as a gateway to the digital dimension.



Create a unique community experience

Benefits for fans:

  • Each fan that purchased a jersey got a unique experience with the team that represented a memorable moment for the fan.
  • The physical jersey came with its digital NFT of the jersey and also a digital signature of the player.
  • Fans get the unique feeling of being part of a tight community that participated in a charitable event and forever have the jersey as a memory of that moment.

Benefits for ESTAC Troyes:

  • Increased engagement with the ESTAC community by auctioning game-worn jerseys that offered different experiences.
  • Big auction event that gathered super fans of the club and that raised thousands of euros for UNICEF.
  • Multiple features on social media and other media outlets as being an innovative team and striving to include new technology in the sport.