Memorizing the club’s heritage through its first smart jersey

10% of all registered buyers used their early access right to purchase the jersey of the next season before anyone else.

Client: FC Zürich

Industry: Sports

FC Zürich collectID

Atlético Mineiro created one-of-a-kind fan engagement jersey

Brazilian football club Atléxtico Mineiro created one-of-a-kind fan engagement and increased its sales with the first smart football jersey of Latin America.


Bringing merchandise to the digital dimension

Swiss football club FC Zürich created a special warm-up jersey featuring collectID technology to take fans on a journey through its 125 years of club history.

Atletico Mineiro

Access valuable first-party data

This allowed the current Brazilian champion and cup winner to access valuable first-party data about their fans and increase revenues by US$ 500’000.

Exclusive benefits for fans

This allowed the club to offer its fans exclusive benefits and upsell it’s products before public release.



Buyers scanned jersey


Buyers watched the movie before anyone else


Buyers bought the next jersey through collectID


  • How to tell the story about 125 years of history
  • High cost of paid social media campaigns
  • Newsletters have low opening rates


An encrypted collectID NFC tag was embedded in FC Zürich’s special edition warm-up jersey to commemorate the club’s 125-year anniversary. With a simple scan with their smartphones, fans could register ownership of the jersey, which gave them access to exclusive and never-before-seen content from the club’s rich history and FCZ’s documentary movie “Nie usenand gah”. In addition, FCZ used the collectID technology to offer registered fans priority access to the new season jersey before anyone else. FC Zürich can thus interact more closely with its fans and use this unique and innovative communication and sales channel to upsell its merchandise products. 


  • 15% of all buyers scanned their warm-up jersey with their smartphone
  • 13% of all buyers registered ownership of their warm-up jersey
  • Around 300 fans watched the “Nie usenand gah” documentary before its public release on Swiss TV
  • 10% of all registered buyers used their early access right to purchase the jersey of the next season before anyone else

Benefits for fans of FC Zürich

  • Fans can dive deeper into the history of their favorite club with a simple scan of their physical jersey on their smartphone
  • Registered buyers received priority treatment that strengthened their emotional tie to FCZ (e.g., access to exclusive content around the 125th anniversary).
  • Because of the additional engagement and the dynamic digital content, fans hold their merchandise in higher regard, which leads to a higher value of the jersey

Benefits for FC Zürich

    • FC Zürich generated additional sales through registered buyers that used their pre-buying right
    • The club established a direct communication and sales channel with some of their fans and reduced social media dependence
    • By telling the story of the club’s rich history through a physical jersey, FCZ created a more intimate and emotional connection to their fans
    • The digital content enhances the perceived value of the FCZ merchandise and creates stronger engagement

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