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JAKO produced special jerseys from recycled textiles to create a circular economy for textiles and, specifically jerseys. They used smart packaging techniques to reduce the ecological footprint of these special jerseys to a minimum.




Storytelling about the fully upcycled and sustainable collection



In a world craving for brands to be more and more sustainable, JAKO took a massive first step in the right direction and chose collectID to tell its story. They produced a special jersey collection with old recycled jerseys and other textiles to make a fully sustainable product, and embedded the collectID NFC tags on these jerseys.

This jersey collection had a major focus on sustainability and shared that through collectID. As the jersey-owners scanned the collectID tag with their smartphone, they could read that their club donated 5€ for every jersey sold for planting a tree to support climate protection in Kenya. Other clubs also used this sustainable jersey to donate almost 20% of their sales proceeds to a forest protection project.

Another example is also clubs that have used this special jersey to distribute their proceeds for charitable projects like supporting Ukrainian refugees. In total, 38% of all jerseys were scanned, and 33% of the jersey-buyers registered themselves as jersey owners. As a result of this special production, the jersey price of the game-worn jersey was increased by 25%, directly increasing the club’s revenue on these items with little effort.

There are many angles on how to use it, and JAKO used different ways to put this sustainable jersey out there and make it count for good causes. The collectID technology was critical to share this information with their clients and the direct jersey-buyers as it allowed them to see the direct impact that jersey had on its production, how special it is and how much its story needed to be told. The most sustainable and smart packaging was also used to reduce JAKO’s emissions and footprint.



Create a unique community experience

Benefits for clubs & fans::

  • Fans can get all product information about its sustainable production process on their own through a smartphone scan.
  • Full transparency from the brand on how the proceeds are being used and how involved they are in the efforts to become sustainable.
  • Fans get to enjoy the feeling of owning a smart jersey that gives them access to exclusive content released by the clubs.

Benefits for JAKO::

  • Used the jersey itself as a platform to share all about their sustainable production process and recycled materials.
  • Increase the jersey price by 25% just by having the collectID technology integrated and generating extra revenue for clubs.
  • Use of the jersey as a new direct channel of communication with 33% of the fans allowing for targeted marketing and offers for those fans.