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Storing the story of the sneaker directly in the product passport. For 2022’s Environment Day, Kangaroos, the brand known for its topical and creative sneaker releases, wanted to make a statement. What resulted from it was their iconic “Ultimate” silhouette made out of hemp material. Besides its great look, the release had a bigger message to convey, for which the collectID technology served as the perfect solution.
collectID_Kangaroos_Environment Day_success_stories5




Equip sneakers with NFC technology and communicate directly through the product passport



The release of the Kangaroos x Environment Day Ultimate is not just a regular sneaker release. Besides collectID, Kangaroos partnered up with Grow My Tree to plant one tree for each pair of sneakers sold. Through the collectID app, Kangaroos could share the story behind the release and increase the emotional attachment between product owners and the brand.

By doing so, product owners could access the certificate of tree planting issued by Grow My Tree with just a simple tap on the integrated NFC chip in the sneaker’s tongue. Furthermore, through the collectID product passport, Kangaroos was able to share additional information about World Environment Day, emphasizing ongoing deforestation, the critical consumption of non-renewable resources, and society’s growing carbon footprint.

Product owners learned that the tree planted on their behalf offsets around 22kg of CO2, that the sneaker has been handcrafted in Germany, and that the sneaker’s hangtag is not only an appealing detail but actually serves a purpose, as it is made from seed material which can be replanted to let flowers grow.

Through the exclusive communication channel established via the product, Kangaroos can now communicate directly with product owners, sharing further updates regarding the brand’s social and environmental efforts for a better world and other relevant content to position the niche brand among its community.

With the collectID solution, targeted content can be created, shared, and modified dynamically, leaving opportunities for follow-ups even after the release. At collectID, we are proud to partner with Kangaroos to raise awareness for a topic that deserves attention year-round.


Create a unique community experience

Benefits for the community:

  • Developing a more conscious and emotional connection with the product and the Kangaroos brand.
  • Gaining access to exclusive content and promotional offers from Kangaroos.
  • Immediate access to a certificate of personal positive environmental contribution.

Benefits for KangaROOS:

  • Creating a cohesive customer experience based on eco-friendly product design, innovative use of technology, and a positive environmental and social impact to position the brand.
  • Establishing a direct communication channel to the community to unlock dynamic and targeted storytelling and promotional activities directly related to the product.
  • Incentivizing Word-of-Mouth marketing activities among the community through the playful but tangible product passport journey.