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Maison Mollerus
Swiss luxury brand Maison Mollerus known for high-quality handbags and small leather goods, integrated NFC tags on their handbags to explore the digital side of that product. Bringing the luxury and uniqueness of Maison Mollerus’ handbags to the digital world and driving sales.




Bringing Luxury Goods to the Metaverse


Maison Mollerus

Due to their drive for innovation and wanting to integrate some technology on their products, Maison Mollerus chose collectID as their partner to collaborate on this integration.

The NFC tags were integrated during production on a limited edition handbag collection, consisting of four models made of recycled leather and all equipped with the collectID technology.

The handbags served then as a great communication channel for Maison Mollerus to, for example, provide customers with product information and information about their sustainable production process and the story behind that process during the purchase moment.

At the same time, customers could obtain the digital twin of their physical product, allowing them to use them in the digital world and Metaverse.

Most importantly, the integration of the NFC tags on the handbags allowed the handbags themselves to become a way of communicating beyond the purchase moment with the customers and offer them special discounts and access to exclusive contents that owners of products without the collectID technology would not have access to.


Create a unique community experience

Benefits for end consumers::

  • Customers can get all product information about its sustainable production process on their own without the need of a sales staff and have all care/repair instructions with just a smartphone scan.
  • The authenticity of their luxury handbags can be verified with a simple scan increasing their products’ value.
  • Customers are able to own their own digital product that is a twin of their physical product and use them in the Metaverse and virtual events.

Benefits for Maison Mollerus:

  • Maison Mollerus gains knowledge about who owns what and gathers valuable first-party data about its customers.
  • The sales staff at the shops is able to be more independent as all product information is at a distance from a quick scan of the actual product.
  • Maison Mollerus could use the collectID technology to share more about the sustainable craft of their luxury handbags.