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Nashville Predators
The US NHL team Nashville Predators created a special limited-edition retirement jersey of their goalkeeper legend Pekka Rinne and the franchise’s first retirement of a number. With this first connected jersey in the NHL, the Predators created a unique fan experience while driving sales.




Bringing the Merchandise to the Digital Dimension


Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators were set on making the retirement of their goalkeeper Pekka Rinne one to remember through not only retiring his number but also doing so with a jersey that wasn’t like any other.

This jersey was embedded with the collectID technology and took the fan experience to a new level. By scanning the jersey, fans could check its authenticity since it was a limited edition while also seeing their individual jersey number from that limited edition.

Once fans registered the jersey as theirs on the app, they unlocked access to exclusive and never-before-seen content as well as a personal message from Pekka Rinne himself thanking them for buying his last jersey. As a special limited edition, this jersey was sold 40% above its regular price generating an additional 50.000 USD in revenue for the Predators.

On top of this, the team built a direct relationship with 26% of their fans and gathered valuable first-party data about them. Fans could also store the unique memories of Rinne’s last game on the jersey itself and go back and review those moments for a lifetime.

For the Predators, it opened the doors for digital sponsorship opportunities on physical products and to activate different sponsors on different match days, such as discounts based on goals scored or on the fan’s location (stadium vs. home). Fans can also wear their jersey in the Metaverse and attend virtual events and games with it, so the jersey serves as a gateway to the digital dimension.



Create a unique community experience

Benefits for fans::

  • Fans could scan the jersey to verify its authenticity and also the individual number of the limited-edition (e.g., #35/500).
  • Access to exclusive content and memories from the game that is forever safe on the jersey at a distance of a scan.
  • A unique and personal message from the goalkeeper of the team addressing the fans and thanking them for their support.

Benefits for Nashville Predators:

  • Increase the jersey price by 40% just by having the technology integrated on the jersey, generating an extra revenue of 50.000 USD.
  • New direct channel of communication with 26% of the fans allowing for targeted marketing and offers for those fans.
  • Unlocking new digital sponsorships opportunities.