Telling the Legend’s Story

RSC Anderlecht and ZATAP partnered up to celebrate the 80th birthday of club legend Paul Van Himst through an innovative web-based solution.

Client: RSC Anderlecht

Industry: Sports

RSC Anderlecht
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The Phygital Jersey that Tells the Story of Paul

Combining the anniversary jersey with ZATAP technology, fans can relive Paul’s rich career by tapping the embedded NFC tag.


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The Phygital Jersey that Tells the Story of Paul

Combining the anniversary jersey with collectID’s technology, fans can relive Paul’s rich career by tapping the embedded NFC tag.


Digital Twin with an Exclusive Experience

Tapping one of the jerseys with a smartphone allows fans to prove the authenticity of the jersey, check their unique numbers, and claim its ownership, giving them access to future benefits.


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Scanned Jerseys


Returning Fans


Submitted Email

Average Stay


The initiative aimed to honor Paul Van Himst’s legacy and engage fans uniquely without the need for a mobile app.


RSC Anderlecht and ZATAP created a special anniversary jersey integrated with ZATAP technology. This collaboration provided fans with a journey through the career of Van Himst, presented via a dedicated web page featuring 80 exclusive images.

Each jersey contained an encrypted NFC tag, scannable with any smartphone. This NFC tag enabled fans to directly unlock their jersey’s serial number and access the images​ to relive his career.


The jerseys saw significant interaction from the fans. 

  • 46% Scan Rate: Nearly half of all jerseys were scanned by fans, indicating a strong interest in the digital content linked to the jerseys.
  • 49% Returning Fans: Almost half of the fans who scanned their jerseys returned multiple times, showing sustained engagement with the content.
  • 70% Email Submission: More than two-thirds of fans who scanned their jerseys also shared their data, such as email addresses, indicating a willingness to engage further with the club and its digital initiatives.
  • Average Stay of 3:35 Minutes: Fans spent an average of over three and a half minutes engaging with the digital content, demonstrating substantial interest in the material provided​​.

Benefits for RSC Anderlecht Fans

Personalized Jersey Experience:

  • Fans could identify their unique jersey number, including special numbers like #10.
  • Historical moments stored on the jersey allowed for a personalized connection to the club’s legacy.

Convenient Fan Engagement:

  • A simple smartphone tap enabled fans to easily relive Van Himst’s career and access stored historical moments.
  • Fans claimed digital ownership of their jerseys, unlocking future benefits like raffles and giveaways


Benefits for RSC Anderlecht

Strategic Fan Engagement:

  • Leveraged jersey scanning to acquire valuable fan data (70% participation).
  • Achieved a 46% engagement rate and strengthened fan loyalty (49% returning fans).
  • Positioned RSC Anderlecht as an innovative club with forward-thinking strategies.

Tech-Driven Revenue Growth:

  • Implemented a successful project with ZATAP, unlocking new technologies and third-party data without the need for a mobile app.
  • Created revenue opportunities through digital engagement, including digital collectibles and exclusive content access.

Brand Reinforcement:

  • Established a benchmark for future initiatives in digital merchandising and fan engagement.
  • Enhanced RSC Anderlecht’s brand image by seamlessly integrating technology with traditional fan merchandise.

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