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SONRA Prickly Pear
Authentication of highly limited sneakers using blockchain technology. By equipping all pairs of the limited release of the SONRA Proto Prickly Pear with the collectID technology, the lucky owners could verify the sneakers’ authenticity with a simple smartphone scan within seconds. But protecting the SONRA brand from counterfeit items was not the only benefit resulting from our partnership.




Equip sneakers with NFC technology and communicate directly through the product passport



After his success as a renowned cultural pioneer of the European sneaker industry, in 2016, Hikmet Sugoer decided to launch his own footwear brand SONRA.

Quickly, it became clear that Hikmet could count on the support from the community that he had helped build over the years.

So much so that his first limited releases sold out within minutes and have even attracted resellers, who purchased the sneakers with the sole intention of reselling them with hefty premiums to passionate collectors who missed out on the release. As a “sneakerhead” himself, Hikmet quickly realized that the long term success of his young brand depended on the inclusion of his core community, who’s been supportive since day one. With collectID, customers could claim digital ownership of their physical sneakers and dive deeper into the SONRA brand cosmos through the digital passport of their sneakers.

For SONRA, whose shoes are handcrafted in Germany with a special emphasis on an eco-friendly manufacturing process, the digital product passport serves as an exclusive communication channel to product owners and collectors.

Not only are product owners kept up to date, but SONRA also issued priority access for upcoming limited releases to loyal customers, ensuring that their sneakers actually end up on the community’s feet instead of on a resale platform. A win-win project for all parties involved.


Create a unique community experience

Benefits for the community:

  • A simple product-verification process that is truly tamper-proof.
  • Secure priority access for upcoming limited releases before the public sale starts.
  • Enjoy exclusive content tailor-made for the SONRA community.

Benefits for SONRA:

  • Protect the SONRA brand against counterfeiting.
  • Reward the community for their ongoing support and increase customer retention.
  • Establish a direct communication channel to product owners to position SONRA in the ever-growing sneaker community.