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Innovation and new technology secure wine rarities. With the help of blockchain technology in combination with an NFC tag, the auction wines are secured and their authenticity guaranteed. The production of a copy or reuse of the bottle is excluded. This innovative guarantee of authenticity represents a great added value for wine enthusiasts, collectors, traders, and also wineries.




Equip auction wine with collectID technology


VDP.Rheingau (VDP.Auktion.Réserve)

A total of 3’619 bottles went under the hammer with a total net result of 305,768 euros. A gigantic conclusion formed lot 48 of this year’s wine auction VDP.AUKTION.RÉSERVE in the monastery Eberbach. A wine cuvéed from the three best barrels of the VDP.Weingüter Robert Weil, Battenfeld-Spanier, and St. Antony changed hands for an unprecedented sum. Another novelty in 2022 is the attachment of NFC tags to authenticate all auction wines.

As last year, the VDP.AUKTION.RÉSERVE took place this Saturday, March 05, 2022, exclusively online. Nevertheless, almost 560 wine enthusiasts, collectors, and wine traders followed the live broadcast. Auctioneer Ulrich Allendorf auctioned 48 “lots” from 12 Rheingau VDP.Wineries, including Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Noir.


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Benefits for end consumers:

  • Wine lovers and collectors have the guarantee to buy real and not fake wine bottles at auction.
  • By scanning the wine with his smartphone, the owner of the wine bottle gets additional information such as who has authenticated the wine, has it been sold/purchased before, under which conditions the wine has been stored, etc.
  • Opening detection allows the owner to prove that the wine has not been opened in the event of resale.

Benefits for for VDP.Rheingau (VDP.Auktion.Réserve):

  • The auctioneer can prove that the auctioned wine is genuine.
  • The auctioneer house and the winemakers build a direct communication channel to the end consumer and can send exclusive content.
  • The auctioneer and the winemakers build a direct sales channel for the end consumer and can offer exclusive deals.