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ZSC Lions
On the occasion of the club’s 90th anniversary, the Swiss serial ice hockey champion ZSC Lions not only wanted to commemorate the team’s rich history but also make a step towards the future. To do so, a limited run of retro jerseys had been equipped with a collectID NFC tag, making ZSC a pioneer with Europe’s first ice hockey jersey on the blockchain.




Europe’s first ice hockey jersey on the blockchain


ZSC Lions

On October 26, 2020, the Lions faced arch-rival SC Bern in Switzerland’s first division league game. That day, the 3-0 victory of ZSC, a former winner of the Champions Hockey League, was just one part of yet another historic moment in the club’s history. In that game, the Lions debuted a retro jersey that took inspiration from the past while serving as a starting point for an innovative future. To bridge the gap between the past and the future, collectID technology was put into play. The jersey, made available in limited quantities for fans to purchase, had been equipped with a collectID NFC tag to make it the first European ice hockey jersey on the blockchain. The 193 jerseys, based on the founding year 1930, further featured exclusive content recapitulating the club’s history, only accessible to fans who claimed the digital product passport of the intelligent jersey. On top of that, fans who scanned and registered the retro jersey could win free tickets to a ZSC game of their choice. The jersey didn’t sit on the fan shop shelves for long and sold out quickly. 

However, fans were offered another shot: All 33 smart jerseys that the ZSC players had worn during the game against SC Bern were auctioned following the game. By doing so, the jersey became a true collectible with a unique digital ID that could not be tampered with. The collectID technology allowed the lucky auction winners to trace back the game-worn history of the jersey and obtain immutable proof of the smart jersey’s authenticity.

On the one hand, the ZSC community loved the innovative jersey powered by collectID, which they expressed on several social media platforms. On the other hand, the Lions’ innovative jersey created a lot of media attention and cemented the club’s pioneering role in the ice hockey world. We are looking forward to equipping more ZSC merchandise with the collectID technology to allow more fans to connect even closer to their favorite team.


Create a unique community experience

Benefits for the community:

  • Owners of the limited edition jersey have access to exclusive historical content that has never been published.
  • Owners could trace the history of the game-worn jersey and be assured that the jersey is authentic and has been worn during the game.
  • Owners of the smart jersey are now part of an exclusive communication channel that the club can use for personalized promotional offers and other exclusive news about the team.

Benefits for ZSC Lions:

  • Commemorating the club’s rich history while taking a big step towards the future and taking on a pioneering role is further amplified by the press.
  • The Lions know “who owns what” and can establish a long-term relationship with their fans based on the products they own.
  • ZSC proved that the jerseys that were auctioned were indeed the ones the players had worn during the game.