Swiss Fashion Brand ELLYHA Partners with collectID for Second Drop

on October 16, 2023

ELLYHA brings innovation to Swiss fashion through a partnership with collectID, where they link NFC tags to a Digital Product Passport.

October 16, 2023 | ELLYHA, the innovative Swiss fashion brand known for its commitment to bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences, is proud to announce its second drop in collaboration with collectID. This exciting partnership continues to push the boundaries of fashion technology, introducing NFC tags linked to a Digital Product Passport in ELLYHA’s garments. The release aligns perfectly with the upcoming EU Regulation on Digital Product Passports, putting ELLYHA and collectID at the forefront of innovation. They aim to lead by example, set new industry standards, and play a vital role in shaping the future of Digital Product Passports.


In line with ELLYHA’s commitment to sustainability, their highly-anticipated second line, which debuted online for pre-order on October 15, 2023, combines the brand’s signature aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Customers will now have access to extensive information about their garments, including material composition, origin, and a transparent view of the supply chain by simply tapping the NFC tag embedded in their clothing and unlocking the garment’s digital twin on the ZATAP app

This innovative move not only enhances the customer experience but also underscores ELLYHA’s dedication to sustainability, as many of the garments are crafted from repurposed fabrics sourced from Nona Source, a platform for high-end circular materials and backed by LVMH. Furthermore, ELLYHA is taking sustainability a step further by offering a repair service for its products, encouraging longevity and further extending the lifespan of their garments. 

Elissa Lefoll, Founder of ELLYHA, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, “Our second drop, powered by collectID, is a step toward a more sustainable fashion future. By allowing customers to access the journey of their garments through the Digital Product Passport, we’re promoting conscious consumerism and enabling a deeper connection between consumers and the fashion they wear. We want to empower individuals with knowledge about their clothing and inspire a sense of responsibility in the fashion choices they make.”

This collaboration builds upon the success of ELLYHA’s previous partnership with collectID, where the two brands seamlessly integrated NFC tags into their first exclusive drop in 2022. The unique serial numbers assigned to each piece, along with the partnership with collectID, have set ELLYHA apart from other brands, enhancing their brand identity on the blockchain. In this second line, the experience of owning an ELLYHA garment is further elevated by the pre-order option on the ELLYHA website (, allowing customers to secure their desired pieces in a sustainable fashion. 

Co-founder and CEO of collectID, David Geisser, shared his perspective on the collaboration, saying, “We’re here to provide brands like ELLYHA with the tools they need to empower their customers. The NFC tags and Digital Product Passports are the keys to a new realm of possibilities.”

To celebrate the launch of the second line, ELLYHA hosted a pop-up shop in Geneva last week, offering customers the opportunity to experience the unique blend of fashion and technology firsthand.


ELLYHA, a high-end ready-to-wear brand born in Switzerland, redefines elegance through conscious design. The brand’s exclusive collections, meticulously crafted from certified repurposed fabrics, are intricately linked to NFTs, signifying not only their exclusivity but also their authenticity. ELLYHA celebrates unconventional self-expression, embracing core values such as individuality, creativity, and empowerment. The vision of ELLYHA is to inspire confidence and individuality in everyone, offering versatile designs that facilitate genuine self-expression while transcending limitations.


ZATAP is a cutting-edge Product Cloud Platform that redefines the way consumers connect with their favorite brands. Their mission is to make people happy by connecting physical products with the digital dimension, creating an immersive phygital experience for consumers and fans. With offices in Switzerland and New York City, ZATAP works with businesses globally such as Hugo Boss, McLaren Racing, Alpine Racing, Universal Music, Atlético Mineiro, AS Monaco, and the Nashville Predators from the NHL.
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